About Us


{Empresa} is a consumer electronic products distribution company.


Our way of working

The whole team {Empresa} We work with the utmost professionalism with the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction. We devote all the time necessary to achieve high quality products and the best service to our customers.


Our experience

{Empresa} we are distributors of high quality consumer electronic products since 1980. Our extensive experience of over 35 years developing professional projects gives us a great advantage to compete in both the domestic and international markets.


Our Service

In {Empresa} we work to offer our customers a high quality service, both in treatment and in the products we distribute.

For us it is not enough to deliver the job well done, because our auto demand forces us to distribute products of the highest quality and professionalism and the latest technology to ensure ultimate success.

Our best reward is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Office

{Codi Postal} {Ciutat}

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